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Andara Crystal Glass Properties

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The Story of Lady Nellie and the Andara Crystals

     THE ANDARA HEALING CRYSTALS were first found in the United States in
February of 1967 by Lady Nellie but only one was discovered.  Lady Nellie's current age is 98 years old and she is a Choctaw medicine woman. About a decade later a psychic healer by the name of Ally Keith came to Nellie, for some healing remedies. Ally spotted the one Andara crystal that Nellie had and got very excited, she told Nellie that this was one of the crystals that she had been having visions about.....Read more... 
Andara Crystal Glass Composition

Etherium is the element in the Andaras that makes them active and a bridge between 
the dimension.  This is the best of all the information I could find.   Enjoy your Andaras!!

      This geological event produced Etherium Gold, also known as white gold powder or monatomic gold. This unique natural mineral exhibits extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body and has become the basis of research for scientists at Harmonic Interprizes- what they call the Science of Electromagnatheria. Their findings may explain why the ancients used these sacred vortex sites for spiritual transformation and healing.  Read more...
Channeled Andara Information

      "I originally channeled the information on the Andara crystals (receiving that name
for it). Part of my information on this crystal-glass has been circulated widely by others
through the years. Below is the complete information, re-written  for conciseness in the
1990's. You will find it sheds new light on the California Andara crystal-glass."
     - Maia article written by Maia & Simeon Nartoomid

     A brief preface to this information is in order. The Andara Crystals Tehuti  (Thoth) speaks of here are actually in another dimension of reality. The properties of these crystals however, are present in some man-made glass that has been found on the current sacred land site. It is a highly unusual set of circumstances that brought this about, but when the man-made glass was buried as scrap on the land some time ago, the energy of the original crystals ‘bled through’ the dimensions of time-space and anchored into the man-made glass, which we are now calling Andara Crystal-Glass, versus Andara Crystal, which denotes the original other-dimensional parent matrix. So all that Tehuti imparts here in regards to the energy dynamics of the Andara Crystals also holds true, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree, for the Andara Crystal-Glass. Read more...
Andara Set Suggestions

Click Here to view Andara Set Suggestions for healing based on their properties.
Aqua Aura Quartz Healing Properties

     The Healing Power of Aura Quartz By: Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy 
Although Aura Quartzes are a relatively new item in the world of crystals, they have already started quite a controversy because they are created through an artificial process. It is my goal in sharing the following information to educate, entertain, inform, and intrigue you in regard to the alluring world of Aura crystals.

Because the exact processes and metal combinations of creating the various types of Aura Quartzes are not openly shared (due to fear of trade secrets being given to other manufacturers), it is often difficult to get accurate information about these crystals. There are only a handful of manufacturers worldwide that have the equipment necessary to produce them. Additionally, the cost of the precious metals involved in the process is constantly rising. These high costs of production, coupled with the fact that there is a large percentage of breakage during the process (due to the extreme heat involved – up to 1600 degrees F), makes these somewhat rare stones a desirable addition to any crystal collection. Read more...
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Mahalo Nui Loa!
Lemuria & Telos

     The Lemurian Age took place approximately between the years 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years
ago. Until the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and later of Atlantis, there were seven major
continents on this planet. The lands belonging to the gigantic continent of Lemuria included lands now under the Pacific Ocean as well as Hawaii, the Easter Islands, the Fiji Islands, Australia and New Zealand. Also lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. The Eastern coast of Lemuria also extended to California and part of British Columbia in Canada. For a very long time before the fall in consciousness, the Lemurians lived in a fifth dimensional frequency or dimension, and were able to switch back and forth from fifth to third at will, without any problem. It could be done whenever it was desired, by intension and the energies of the heart. Read more...
The Family of Man:
Where Did it all Begin? & The Origin of Races of People on Earth 

C.A.C General reading, Feb. 4, 1992
(This file contains statements from J.J. in Seal Beach, California and comments from Cosmic Awareness)

Beginning of Statement is read:
"The origin of the races as that which proceeds from 5 basic groups. The first group to inhabit earth as entities similar to the humans known today was the Lemurian race." 

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness indicates that the Lemurians were of a very old historic origin on this earth, and there is seen no disagreement in this entity's comment in this regard. This Awareness suggests that these entities did at one time have inter-space travel; there were visitations from other planetary systems to and from Lemuria. This Awareness suggests this (statements) continues.  Read More...
Historical Information on Lemuria or Mu

     The Hawaiian Islands and Pacific Islands are the remaining mountain peaks of the lost continent.
One of the most prominent researchers on Lemuria, James Churchward, in books such as The Lost
Continent of Mu (1931), wrote that the Motherland stretched from the Hawaiian Islands to Fiji and from Easter Island to the Marianas. He considered the Nan Modal site on Pohnpei Island one of the seven sacred cities of Mu. Today its ruins sit on a swampy lagoon filled with mangrove trees. Rising about 30 feet in height, black volcanic stones weighing tons are stacked crisscross like a child's frontier fort.  Reportedly Lemuria or Mu - was about 5,000 miles long, 3,000 miles wide, a tropical paradise like the Garden of Eden.  By studying various ancient texts Churchward discovered the existence of a long lost continent with an advanced civilization that 60,000 years ago had sunk below the Pacific Ocean after a cataclysmic earthquake. 64 million died in the sinking that it dated back over 50,000 years. Read More...
Lemuria is A Word...

        Lemuria is a word that is spoken of more and more in this day and time and much information
is coming forth from various sources about Lemuria. About 40-50,000 years ago, there existed a
continent called Lemuria, the mountaintops of which still remain to this day as the Hawaiian Islands.

        This was a vast continent that encompassed the lands we currently know as Japan as well as part of China and Australia as well as the west coast of America and a part of South America – basically most of what is now known as the Pacific Ocean.

        The people of Lemuria walked in the fullness of the Creator’s Love, and cherished and celebrated all that had been provided to them. The Lemurians were benevolent caretakers of Mother Earth and lived in love.

        The Lemurian energy was powerful and highly evolved from its inception, even more so than currently we experience here on the Earth plane. Read More...
Lemurian Legacy by Kahu Fred Sterling

From Chapter 4: Traveling a Lemurian Souljourn

The Experience of the Purple Forest and the Mother Tree 

KIRAEL: I would like you to see the beauty of this world called Lemuria. Very near the center of this wonderful continent was the most beautiful and vibrant purple forest, a forest so powerful that the beings that entered it were changed almost instantly; the animals became stronger, the humans became more knowledgeable, and the plant weave grew in greater power and strength.

This is where it all began. For one day...
Lemurian Spiritual Practices

Click Here to view a list of links leading to Spiritual Practices from Ancient Lemuria.
Lemurian Timeline

Click Here to View a Timeline showing the time period Lumeria was active.
Links To Handouts For Lemurian Legacy:
Transitioning Into 2012, 10-18-11, Soul Space Maui

Click Here to view a list of links to easily distributable information about Lemuria from Kahu Fred
Sterling's book Lemurian Legacy.
Lemurian Seed Crystals by Katrina Raphaell

     Katrina Raphaell (author of the Crystal Trilogy and one of the most widely respected crystal
teachers and healers) gathered with several others on Kauai to attune with six Lemurian seed
crystals. While doing so, they connected with a group of powerful nonphysical beings who
communicated the meaning of these crystals. 

Here is an excerpt of her finding on these amazing crystals:  Read More...
Map of Lemuria

Click Here to see a Map of where the Ancient Civilization of Lemuria existed in relation to our
current geography.
Stones Related to Astrological Signs / Biblical Uses

     "My first Gem was an Amethyst given to me by my grandmother. I believe all matter is related.
I relate to stones and feel they have  characteristics that can help us.  Since ancient times people have
revered stones, gems and crystals. Jewelry and amulets have been found in burial sites thousands of
years old. Mystics have taught of the benefits of stones for various physical problems, as well as how and when to use them for protection, guidance and healing. Edgar Cayce, one of our most famous mystics said that gems` real value lies in the fact that they are essentially the same material as the soul. Stones are also mentioned  in the Bible. There is a sympathic vibration between us and the stones. The entire world is created of atomic forces.  Stones are enriched with decomposed matter and they then nourish the plants that feed and shelter us. When our ATTITUDE is correct and the stone is in harmony with us, their vibrations and color can aid us consciously and unconsciously to find guidance for our problems.”  MAHALO TO NICOLE SAVAGE

Lemurian Resources
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Lemurian Spiritual PracticesLemuria Is A Word...Lemurian TimelineLemurian Legacy
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Other Articles

Moon Phases & Crystals

     "Energetically cleaning/clearing your crystals is an important part of being a crystal care taker.
Cleansing/clearing practices are as varied as the crystals themselves.  

My all time personal favorite is to cleanse my crystals by the full moon's light. For me, as a Cancer (moon child and water element), this particular practice resonates deeply. Upon further reflection, I simply understood this process to work for me. I never questioned it. And as with all things, there came a point where I wanted to know more. Why is it a full moon, and not a new moon? What energies does the moon carry as it moves through the various stages?"   Read More...
Honoring Your Crystal & Mineral Friendships

GREET your New Crystal or Mineral Friend with an Open Heart.
BE PRESENT for what is being Offered.   LISTEN to its Wise Whisperings.
EXPRESS your Gratitude for its Willingness to Share its Wisdom.    GIVE it the
Time needed to Share the Knowledge it Brings.   ACCEPT its Unconditional Love.
NOTICE aspects about your Friend that makes it Unique.  TRUST the Wisdom
of your New Friend.    TALK with you   w Friend, until there is a sense of
Clarity about what is being Shared.   ASK how you can best Honor that 
Knowledge and Understanding.   
from Love is in the Earth by Melody

Supplementary to the doubling of the effects of the qualities attributable to the numbers from one to
nine, the "Master Numbers" also possess distinct  properties. The following information is given to provide the user with additional details relevant to "Master Numbers".

Master Number 11: The connection between "brotherhood" and "sisterhood" is combined to reflect the androgynous and spiritual connection between all which exists, which has ever existed, and which will ever exist. The concept that "I am also a you" is reflected in the "eleven" vibration.

Master Number 22: Actualization of the God within the self, recognition that God is in the totality of existence, and understanding of the God outside of the self, produce...   Read More...
Link To Comprehensive Guide to Quartz Crystal Formations

Clarity - The first impression of quality or value of natural crystal is usually judged by the clarity.  The clarity ranges from milky white to glass clear that sparkles like a cut diamond.  Most crystal is milky white at the base and gradually clears to the tip.  The milky white crystal is said to represent the yin or feminine qualities of love, communication... Read More...

Double Terminated - A crystal with a point at each end is called double terminated.  It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy from both ends.  They are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreaming and astral projection. . Double terminated crystals... Read More...

Generator (also know as a Merlin Crystal) - A crystal with six evenly spaced sides and six approximately equal faces that center at the tip is called a generator point.  It is believed that they have the ability to store, amplify and transmit or generate energy.  They are used... Read More...

Source: http://jimcolemancrystals.com/metaphychar.htm
Guide to Quartz Crystal Formations

Click Here to view the Guide to various Quartz Crystal Formations, including Windows, Time Links,
Isis, Channeling and others.
Basic Feng Shui Guide: The Ba-Gua

Click Here to view a guide to The Ba-Gua: Feng Shui and crystal placement in the house.
Lemurian Root Crystals

Lemurian Root crystals are deep earth crystals that were found in Brazil beneath the more superficial
deposits of Lemurian seed crystals. They resemble the roots of an ancient tree more than the geometric
shapes of typical quartz crystals.

The Lemurian Root crystals vibrate deeply with the heartbeat of the earth; a deep thrumming that seems to emanate both from the earth and from the inner core of the physical body simultaneously, creating a profoundly nurturing peace. This vibration awakens the Root Chakra at the base of the spine and it pulses with life, connecting to the flows of energy in the body and drawing one into the earth's embrace. Read More.
Sacred Geometry Chakra Balancing Set

SACRED GEOMETRY SET OF 7 CHAKRA BALANCING SET.  This beautiful collection of the 5 Platonic
Solids plus Sphere and Merkaba are the building blocks of all creation and vehicles of ascension.

Chakra Balancing Set Stone Properties

Click Here to see a list and description of the stones used in the Basic Tumbled Chakra Balancing Set
and the Premium Tumbled Chakra Balancing Set.
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Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & InformationHeart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & InformationHeart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Articles & Downloadable Content
Tools for Spiritual Transformation & Conscious Evolution
Healing Through Heart
5D Fifteen Chakra System

Click Here to read an explanation of the new 5D Fifteen Chakra System.

Just when we think we have our understanding of our 7 Chakra System down pat, humanity takes
another giant leap in evolution in such a dramatic way that even our energetic chakra system had to shift,
to adapt and multiply to handle the influx of high vibrational light we are taking into our physical bodies
as we prepare for ascension and the final shift into 5th dimensional living...
How to Use Aromastone Chakra Belnds

Aromatherapy.... The use of essential oils for healing! Essential oils work with you, at your level. Keeping an open heart, open mind & sense of wonder will help the oils work with you. If you are a firm dis-believer in anything but Western medicine that can be or has been scientifically proven then the oils will serve as a lovely perfume but nothing more. But remember, even lovely perfumes have therapeutic effects! 
Quality and Purity of AromaStone Chakra Blends

I choose essential oils that are organically grown or sustainably wild harvested when possible. I also choose to use essential oils that are steam distilled or CO2 extracted when possible. This ensures my work is helping the planet by supporting healthy practices in the production of essential oils.