1) HEMATITE  Oxygenates blood, providing energy boost.  Connects light body to Earth body, allowing spiritual energies to appear in tangible form.  Offers divine perspective, deeper understanding of Earth’s ever changing nature.  Defends and protects while inner resources are gathered.  Placed under feet, helpful in relieving stress from jet lag. Good stone for those who are “spacey” and in of need grounding. ALL CHAKRAS, MOSTLY 1ST

2) OBSIDIAN, SNOWFLAKE Brings purity, balance to body, mind and spirit. Useful in recognizing patterns that are no longer needed and redesigning them. Assists in attaining deep meditative state, developing sensitivity to love and beauty.1ST, 4TH, 7TH CHAKRAS.

3) RED JASPER Jasper, a powerful healer, primarily of physical body, brings all chakras into alignment and provides clearing of dysfunctional, negative energies.  Balances physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric bodies.  Assists with regulation of iron, sulfur, zinc, manganese. Strengthens liver, gall-bladder, bladder.  Aids regeneration more than malfunction. Red Jasper, in particular, brings new ideas, balances yin-yang energies, associated with grounded creativity and rebirth. 1ST, 2ND, 5TH, ALL CHAKRAS.

4) CARNELIAN-INDIA- Opens heart, aligns physical, etheric bodies.  Increases energy, personal power, creativity and compassion.  Enhances attune-ment with inner self.  Powerful physical healer, aids tissue regeneration.  Energizes blood, supports kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder pancreas.  Protects against fear, envy, rage, helps to banish sorrow.1ST THRU 4TH CHAKRAS.

5) YELLOW JASPER-Jasper acts as supreme nurturer, holds solar energy that provides connection with solar plexus. Yellow Jasper reminds one of sup-port by others sending love energy toward our physical manifestation. Reminds one of ability to bring joy to self, celebrate isolation while assisting others in releasing bonds of constraint. Provides protection during physical and spiritual travel.  3RD CHAKRA.  
6) TIGER EYE-GOLDEN-Synthesizes energies of Sun, Earth. Offers grounding, centering.  Enhances connection with personal power, will, self-confidence. Balances male/female polarities.  Softens stubborn-ness.  Encourages clear perception, insight.  Assists in stimulating, maintaining wealth.  Good mediation stones in working with groups. Offers sense of brother/sisterhood with world at large, comforting to those working in isolation. 3RD,4TH CHAKRAS.

7) ROSE QUARTZ-Emits cool, calming energy that gently removes negativity, reinstates feelings of self-love.   Brings peacefulness, calm to relationships. Allows for release of stored anger,  jealousy, fear, guilt.  Enhances self confidence, creativity.  Eases sexual, emotional imbalance, increases fertility. Provides comfort, releases tension making sleep easier for some.  Keep in immediate environment or wear if drawn to this stone. 4TH,7TH, ALL CHAKRAS.

8) GREEN MOSS AGATE-For physical healing, growth.  Enhances self-esteem, providing emotional balancing, strength. Allows one to see the beauty within all one sees. Assists in balancing blood sugar, speeds recover of skin disorders. 4TH CHAKRA.

9) GREEN AVENTURINE-Activates, clears heart chakra. Offers protection.  Purifies mental, emotional, etheric bodies.  Brings alignment to center.  Strengthens blood, stimulates muscle tissue.   Enhances tranquility, positive attitude toward life. Excellent for grief issues.  Encourages leadership, reinforces decisiveness. 4TH CHAKRA.

10) AMAZONITE-Aligns mental and etheric bodies. Soothes nervous system, strengthens heart, physical body.  Brings joy to creativity. Assists seeing harmful tendencies and releasing old patterns. Considered a good for artists, writers, musicians, public speakers. Raw (not tumbled) in this set.3Rd to 5TH CHAKRAS.  

11) SODALITE-Opens third eye. Calms, clears, grounds. Balances male/female polarities. Enhances creative expression, encourages speaking one’s truth by allowing recognition and verbalization of feelings.  Eliminates confusion by  encouraging  “logical” solutions compatible with each situation. Encourages self esteem, trust in self, others.  Powerful connect-ion to psyche. 5TH, 6TH CHAKRAS.

12) AMETHYST-Opens, activates crown chakra, aligns energy bodies. Balances mental, physical, emotional energies while simultaneously dealing with physical, spiritual world. Provides clear connection between the earth plane, other worlds.  Increases magnitude of energy, intention sent and returned.  Brings, maintains calm, peacefulness. Assists in overcoming addictions. Relieves headache pain, trauma. 6TH,7TH, ALL CHAKRAS.

13) QUARTZ POINT- Use as small centerpiece for your own mini-grid or for clearing, energizing other stones. All quartz offers protection from mental, physical harm, dissolves stagnant energy, clears and opens chakra centers and is multi-functional in work with all chakras, allowing reconnection of energy to tissues.  When energy returns, rebuilding, renewal occurs. ALL CHAKRAS.

This is an abbreviated guide to minerals found in our Basic and Premium Chakra Balancing Sets.  As always ‘Intuition, attention, and intention’ are your best guides. Please remember that there is no correct or incorrect mineral for each chakra,  as each mineral may affect more than one chakra depending on color, other properties. Use of a pendulum, other polarity techniques may also be helpful.


1) APACHE TEAR OBSIDIAN,   Excellent for grounding, providing connection between base of spine and center of Earth.  Protective stone shields from physical, emotional harm. Transforms negative energy within ones environment.  Carrying, wearing dissolves unloving thoughts from within or directed toward physical self.  Eases grief, allows true understanding of cause of distress. Provides insight, acceptance.  Promotes forgiveness. 1ST CHAKRA.

2) RED TIGER EYE Grounding, encourages stability.  Enhances connection with personal power, will and self confidence.  Balances male/female polarities, brings discipline, sheds light on sexual, emotional issues.    Releases introversion, fear while promoting new experiences.  Enhances clear perception and insight.  1ST, 2ND, 3RD, ALL CHAKRAS.

3) CARNELIAN, URUGUAY Increases energy, personal power, creativity and compassion.  Enhances attunement with inner self.  Opens the heart, aligns physical and etheric bodies.  Powerful physical healer, aiding tissue regeneration.  Energizes blood, supports kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.  Protects against fear, envy, rage, helps to banish sorrow.   Sometimes called the “ohana” or family stone. 1ST, 2ND, 3RD CHAKRAS.

4) CITRINE Heals, opens, detoxifies, clears, protects emotional, mental, physical bodies.  Fills aura with light and clarity.  Promotes alignment with higher self. Raises self esteem. Encourages lightheartedness, self confidence, optimism, diminishes self-destructive tendencies. Assists in attracting, maintaining wealth. Transmutes energy from negative to positive. Never needs clearing. 2ND, 3RD, 7TH, ALL CHAKRAS.

5) ROSE QUARTZ-Aids development of love, forgiveness, compassion, including same directed toward self.  Removes negativity and reinstates gentle loving force of self love.  Balances yin-yang and attunes each chakra to proper frequency of energy vibration.  Rejuvenates both physical body, emotions.  Reduces stress, tension, allows for release of stored anger, jealousy, fear, guilt. 4TH, ALL CHAKRAS. 

6)  UNAKITE Brings consciousness to present.  Balances emotional body bringing alignment with forces of spirituality.  Facilitates rebirthing process, release of past events leaving blockages within meridians, energy centers of body.  Balances energies of heart chakra. 4TH, ALL CHAKRAS.    

7) MALACHITE Clears, activates. stimulates.  Stone of transformation aids situations of change by offering sacred information relating to spiritual evolution.  Assists in releasing trauma from negative experiences one does not recall.  Facilitates insight into causes of specific conditions.  Equalizes balances, encourages accepting responsibility for actions, resulting outcomes. 4TH, 5TH, ALL CHAKRAS.

8)  BLUE LACE AGATE- Aids in gently opening and expanding consciousness to attaining higher levels of awareness.  Inspirational when used for inner attunement.  Enables those who are shy or hesitant in expressing themselves to come forward, creating harmony in their lives and environment.  Calms anger, relieves stress.  Encourages patience, peace, honesty. 4TH, 5TH, 6TH, 7TH CHAKRAS.

9) FLUORITE, RAINBOW Fluorite stabilizes mental, emotional, physical, spiritual systems.  Great organiz-ation stone bringing order to chaos, allows unbiased, impartial  reasoning where helpful. stone. Purple Fluorite used to prepare one for physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual healing, bringing order to same. Often used to soften energy, dissolve blocks between chakras. 6TH, 7TH CHAKRAS.

10) AMETHYST-CHEVRON  Opens, activates Crown Chakra, allows activation of energy that aligns energy bodies.  Brings, helps maintain calm, peacefulness. Provides connection between the earth plane, other worlds. Offers strength, stability, invigoration.  Chevron makes excellent third eye stone stimulating vision while calming tension, allowing release of resistance. 6TH,7TH CHAKRAS.

11) BOTSWANA AGATE Stimulates crown chakra, energizes auric body.  Encourages eternal love, recognition that love is constant in ever-changing universe.  Assists in sustaining attention to detail allowing understanding of complete picture without distortion.  Assists during activities that require circumspection, deliberation and vigilance. 1ST, 4TH, 7TH CHAKRAS.

12) RUTILATED QUARTZ- Rutile when found within another crystal, brings strength with love, ease in transition, growth in development, calm, reason and order.  Repels negative energy, dispels interference. Help discover root of problem. Stabilizes relationships, marriages, mental processes.  Allows understanding of advanced worlds, situations viewed during astral travel. 7TH, ALL CHAKRAS.   

13) QUARTZ POINT See Information on Quartz above. 
1st CHAKRA-Grounding physical forces in body, gaining ability to work lovingly on physical plane.

2nd CHAKRA-Utilizing creative forces in all levels of being-physical, mental, emotional,  spiritual.

3rd CHAKRA-Assimilating experience, using personal power to manifest goals.

4th CHAKRA-Release of emotionally suppressed   trauma, expressing love in action. 

5th CHAKRA-Verbalizing, expressing truth through power of spoken word.  

6th CHAKRA-Clearing subconscious to channel  intuition

7th CHAKRA-Identifying, connecting with peace, wisdom, The Infinite, Oneness, God,  All that Is.                        

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Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & InformationHeart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & InformationHeart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
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