Healing Through Heart
Music to Soothe the Heart
Healing Touch  by Nadama
Delicate piano melodies graciously glide upon a gentle orchestration of harp, strings, flute, wood winds and ambient sounds, conveying warmth and an expression of space and peace. This heartfelt music was especially composed to enhance healing and induce relaxation....More
Healing Touch II by Nadama
Based on the wide popularity of his previous release, Healing Touch, Nadama offers this beautiful second volume - equally heartfelt and relaxing. Tender piano melodies float upon warm orchestrations of strings, harp, woodwinds and ambient sounds to create a soothing effect for body, mind and spirit....More
Love Is by Nadama
Soft, elegant piano melodies and warm orchestrations that touch the heart and soothe the spirit. This classic romantic instrumental album evokes feelings of love, intimacy and relaxation....More
Spa Suite  by Malimba Artists
Enter our suite of sound to complement your spa experience or simply to wind down at the end of the day. Relax into soothing selections from 4 of Malimba’s fine recording artists....More
Reiki Offering by Shastro & Nadama
Gentle and soothing music which creates a beautiful healing environment. Reiki Offering gives peace, calmness and serenity to your heart, body and mind. It features spacious flute, delicate piano and rich ambient textures.....More
Shaman's Healing by Shastro
A flute-centered album created specifically to support healing and relaxation, where native flutes, soft drums and ethnic percussion create an earthy, relaxed atmosphere. This music was created in the spirit of restoring harmony with the earth and recalling our own innate capacity for self-healing and is ideal for bodywork, yoga and the healing arts or simply for relaxed listening....More
Healing Ragas II by Mandala
Following in the footprints of their successful debut album Healing Ragas,the duo Mandala brings to us two new Ragas - almost an hour of musical solace for body, mind and soul....More
Relaxed Grooves & Sacred Chant
Sacred World by Various Artists
A compilation of some of the most talented recording artists of the last decade - including Deva Premal, Anugama, Shastro, Karunesh, Golana' and Prem Joshua. World flavors from India to Native America - a unique and evocative journey...More
Planet Love - Sacred Chants Honoring The Earth by Sudha
In this astonishing debut release, Sudha's angelic voice will gently take you on a journey from Hawaii, to Native America, to the Far East. These soulful chants are set to exotic instrumental arrangements by master of ambient moods, Maneesh de Moor. Instruments include piano, bass, ethnic percussion, didjeridu and flute....More
Sharanam  by Sudha and Maneesh de Moor
The enchanting voice of Sudha and the meditative compositions of Maneesh de Moor bring to us serenity with this new release of Sanskrit devotional Chants. Sharanam means to 'take refuge in' or to 'surrender to' - to bow at the feet of that which is our Creator, our Guide and our True Essence....More

Shambala by Shastro
This is very spacious and soothing music, great for relaxation, massage or just unwinding after a long day of work. Spanish guitar interwoven with harp, flutes and sensuous vocal harmonies create a warm and magical atmosphere....More

Tantric Heart - Music for Lovers by Shastro
Silky grooves, magic melodies, tasteful arrangements and exotic eastern flavors make Tantric Heart a perfect companion for special intimate moments. Also excellent for massage and relaxation....More

Relaxed Healing Instrumental
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