Honoring Your Crystal & Mineral Friends
Honoring Your Crystal & Mineral Friendships

GREET your New Crystal or Mineral Friend with an Open Heart.
BE PRESENT for what is being Offered.   LISTEN to its Wise Whisperings.
EXPRESS your Gratitude for its Willingness to Share its Wisdom.    GIVE it the
Time needed to Share the Knowledge it Brings.   ACCEPT its Unconditional Love.
NOTICE aspects about your Friend that makes it Unique.  TRUST the Wisdom
of your New Friend.    TALK with your new Friend, until there is a sense of
Clarity about what is being Shared.      ASK how you can best Honor that 
Knowledge and Understanding.     CREATE a plan of Action to Follow
 Through On,  then  ACKNOWLEDGE your Ability  to  do  so.
 HONOR the Beauty and Importance of what you have
Experienced  by  expressing  GRATITUDE,



INTUITION-Allow yourself to be drawn to the stone that you need. In its own way it will speak to you.  Honoring this guideline has enabled you to choose  the stone that is needed to bring balance and is always your best and wisest guide.

ATTENTION- Why has this stone chosen you?  What makes  is it different than other stones?  Is it the way it “feels”?   Is it the color? Are there special markings that you notice but no one else does?  Or is it simply a feeling of connection or knowingness and it will simply not let you not notice it’s specialness and walk away from it?

INTENTION- What message does it have for you?  What questions have you been Seeking the answers to lately?  How can you best use that information offered.  Listen with your heart and your stone will guide you.   Honoring the answers given will create the most  effective healing and most beneficial relationship between you and your new friend. 

Entities are beings that have finished their work on Earth and returned to be of service. Our crystal and mineral friends come without judgment and offer only Love. If you are called to work with these beautiful beings, the answers to why you have chosen a stone may come long after it  has spoken to you. Through written material,  a vision, a dream or simply an overheard conversation.


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